Mr. Stroud is the person I originally wrote a letter to in response to an article that can be found here. Because his article could not be commented on, I made this blog, not expecting it to get published on the same website a day later (albeit not published in the local paper, unlike the initial letter).

Afterwards, I thought ‘Hey, let’s jump on the blogging bandwagon’, because I have a few friends who blog and why the fuck not.  The published response makes this website redundant unless I start using it regularly, anyway.

I study in Swansea and I graduate in a few months. I’ll probably end up in teaching or journalism or something. Depends on how lucky I get.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Eddie says:

    Is it really necessary to attempt to bully someone you disagree with? Why the references to the road where this man lives?

    Surely, students should try and ‘man up’ – and stop being so sensitive? Ah yes, but they have been so mollycoddled and their ‘self-esteem’ has been stroked so much since birth that they get hysterical, emotional and mental whenever they meet someone who does not think they are wonderful…

    No wonder so many graduates are unemployes and immigrants with a better attitude get all the jobs…

  2. Student says:

    Details of the original message that have been posted have already been made available in the Evening Post and on thisissouthwales.co.uk. Considering the impressive readership these outlets have versus this paltry blog, I think I’ll be okay, unless Mr. Stroud thinks otherwise.

    Students have been at the end of this ‘they’re ruining Swansea!’ image from the local media for some time. My point is that this isn’t representative of the student population. Any person can be loud, drunken or just plain idiotic whether they’re studying, in full-time employment or living as a family.

    Apparently, it’s easier to pass the buck onto a scapegoat. My apologies for not wanting to soak up unfounded claims. This is simply my way of having a fair crack of the whip, and it seems some people dislike it when it’s not aimed at students for a change.

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