Dear Mrs. Holley

Dear Mrs. Holley,

Dear Mrs. Holley,

Your letter has not been the first in criticising students for their messy, drunken, riotous ways. It’s a pity that your letter, like said previous letters, contains no hard evidence that incriminates us all. Perhaps I am living in a solipsistic bubble, unaware of the carnage I am apparently living in.

We –want- to live in Swansea, just like you. You seem to believe that just because we are here for our studies, we are going to treat the place with disdain. Over the past week, I have enjoyed the weather at the beach and Singleton Lake. Run down? Appalling? Rubbish. I’d love to see pictures of this. Like I said before, I doubt it is any worse than the aftermath of a big gathering (such as the Six Nations) at the city centre. You may be surprised to hear that my friends and I quite like the beauty of the area, and therefore we’re rather keen to keep it that way, too.

Students have been at the end of this ‘they’re ruining Swansea!’ image for some time. This isn’t representative of the student population. Any person can be loud, drunken or just plain idiotic whether they’re studying, in full-time employment or living as a family. Apparently, it’s easier to pass the buck onto a scapegoat, instead.

You at least pick up on the problem of accommodation, but this is a problem because certain rogue landlords (not all) think that students somehow do not deserve adequate accommodation. I repeat: we do not like to live in squalor. We are people. We are not the monsters under your bed. The minority who are as you say are idiots, not because they are students, but because they are idiots. Treat them as such, report them to the university and don’t tarnish the rest of us in the process, because we care about Swansea as much as you do.

Yours sincerely,

A Student


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